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New Age Branding

Label, as an action, has the possibility of being both passive and active. As a passive action it is a mean of restriction, of ulterior, preconceived notions and perceptions forced upon a body. Yet by returning the initiative to self, self labeling becomes a path to liberation. A brand of pride, of devotion to self or other, for individualization or a mark of community and ritual. It becomes a self chosen synthesis of idea and body.

This redefinition of branding seeks the original root of the practice, of physical branding traditions upon skin and leather. A mark of permanence, or in this case semi permanence, signals a prolonged devotion to an idea, embracing the relationship of clothing with body to an extreme by occupying its between space.

The collection explores different methods of temporary skin marking, exploring catalysts for impression like weight, constriction, protrusion, and cutaway relief. And by incorporating the label and logo beyond advertising, it synthesizes the idea of the brand into the core of its design, leaving an interactive, surrounding mark that reflects both design and the idea of label imprinted upon the wearer.


Design and Concept - Shirley Tang

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